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Cheam Mountain

Cheam Mountain

Cheam Mountain Peak Trail

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  • Total Distance: 10 kms
  • Estimated Time: 4.75Hours
  • Average Grade: 15.5%
  • Trail Type: Linear - Return
  • Elevation Gain: 715 m
  • Starting Elevation: 1440 m
  • Max Elevation: 2115 m

The forestry service road to Mount Cheam has been deactivated for several years, and therefore to reach the trailhead requires a 4-wheel drive truck

The access point to Mount Cheam is located along the highway to Chilliwack Lake. In Chilliwack, follow Vedder Road southbound until you reach the 3-way intersection at the Vedder river, turn left onto Chilliwack Lake Road. In 28km, turn left onto the Foley Creek Forestry Service Road and drive for 2km. After crossing the bridge, turn left at the junction and drive another 2km and then turn right onto the Chipmunk Creek Forest Service Road. There will be a gravel pit at this location. From this location, continue right on the narrow road as it becomes very rough and follow it for about 8km to the end parking area. There are several turnoffs along the route, however stay along the most obvious road and it will take you to the parking area / trailhead.