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Brandywine Falls

Brandywine Falls

  • Category:
  • Total Distance: 1 kms
  • Estimated Time: 0.5Hours
  • Average Grade: 2%
  • Trail Type: Linear - Return


Brandywine Falls is located along the Sea To Sky Highway (Highway #99) between Squamish and Whistler. Located just 11km (7 miles) south of Whistler on the east side of the Sea To Sky Highway, Brandywine Falls is easily accessible with a large parking lot and markings to the start of the short walk to the falls.


Brandywine Falls is a perfect stop for those traveling through the Squamish, Whistler area looking for a short walk to a spectacular falls. The trail starts from the parking lot and crosses a covered wooden bridge. After crossing the river, head right, just 500m (1640 feet), crossing train tracks along the way, until you reach the platform overlooking the magnificent view of the waterfall. The falls itself drops approximately 70m and the surrounding cavern features rockslides that have crumbled from the walls over hundreds of years. The trail continues a short distance past the platform for a view of Daisy Lake.

This park provides opportunities for hiking, picnicking, mountain biking and viewing of the waterfall. The park was tripled in size in 2010 to include unique habitat for red-legged frogs (a provincial “blue listed” species at risk). A number of existing recreation trails were included in the expanded park as well.